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A different kind of media partner: hyper-focused on target audiences and aligning products that fit prospect needs—at exactly the moment they need them.


Brief Media is a leading veterinary media company that develops practical, peer-reviewed, educational content and point-of-care tools for a passionate, highly engaged audience of more than 259,000 veterinary professionals worldwide. For over 20 years, we have been reaching veterinarians and their teams wherever they live, work, and learn. With our medical expertise, strategic marketing platforms, and creative services, we can help you grow your business and build meaningful connections with our highly engaged veterinary audience.

In 2012, Brief made the big decision to gate the Clinician's Brief website with a sign-in requirement. Since then, no other media company in the veterinary industry has made the same choice. In fact, few media companies across all industries have chosen to gate their websites.

Brief's pivotal decision to gate the website led us to housing an impossible-to-imitate industry database based on real, tracked engagement—not assumptions or extrapolations from historic information. We are the data-driven experts.

Pets are essential. And so are the humans who care for them.

By guiding their most critical decisions, we help veterinarians help animals life longer, fuller lives—and ease the stress on the remarkable people entrusted with their care. 

Beth Green

Elizabeth Green, CEO

In this rapidly changing world, the demand for small animal veterinary care has never been greater. Practitioners are required to stay current on a vast, ever-changing knowledge base of information. At Brief Media, we are committed to producing the most essential, easy-to-use clinical support tools to guide critical decisions made every day in practice for better care.

Christie Bardo

Christie Bardo, President

Veterinarians are overloaded with information and starved for time. Brands that leverage data insights to inform their content marketing strategies have an enormous advantage breaking through the noise. At Clinician’s Brief, we empower our advertisers with the most accurate intelligence to create impactful campaigns.

Medical Team

Industry authority, powered by our in-practice veterinary team.

Relevant medical expertise is at the core of everything we do—because Brief's content and products are developed by a team of in-house practicing veterinarians.


Indu Mani, DVM, ScD

Chief Veterinary Officer


Amy mohl, dvm

Chief of Content Strategy

Beth Molleson

Beth Molleson, DVM

Veterinary Officer, Marketing Services


Jen schori, vmd, ms

Veterinary Officer, Education


dawn mccluskey, dvm

Veterinary Officer, Pharmacy


Peggy burris, dvm

Veterinary Officer, Community


Jordy waller, dvm

Assistant Veterinary Officer, Pharmacy


Alyssa Watson, dVM

Veterinary Editor & Podcast Host

James Budde

James A. Budde, PharmD, RPh, DICVP

Senior Pharmacy Director

Clinician's Brief

Essential Reading for Busy Practitioners

Our flagship brand, Clinician’s Brief provides practical diagnostic and treatment information for veterinary professionals. With the highest direct request* rate of any publication in the market, Clinician’s Brief meets our readers wherever they are—on their mobile device between appointments or reading the print journal over a glass of wine.

*Source: AAM December 2022. Direct request is defined as recipients who have opted-in to access or receive content within the past 2 years.

Audience Insights

Essential insights from the industry's most engaged audience

As the only gated website in veterinary media, we collect up to 300 datapoints per audience member. On average, each member of the Brief audience interacts with Brief content every other day. Our gated website collects information such as:


  • Name & address
  • Email
  • Job title


  • Years in practice
  • Practice information (size, revenue, type, ownership)
  • Areas of interest
  • And more....

Channels and Reach

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Clinician's Brief
Journal Circulation

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Clinician's Brief
Newsletter Readers

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Gated Website Pageviews is the only gated website in veterinary media. This means that, to access our content (which our audience does on average every other day), they must first sign in. This ensures that we're only reaching qualified veterinary professionals and keeps our behavioral data accurate and current to power your campaigns.

The Clinician's Brief publication is demanded by veterinarians, with 94% of our audience directly requesting a printed copy of the peer-reviewed journal.

#1 in Small Animal Veterinary Reach
57,544+ in Exclusive Small Animal Circulation
95% Direct Request

Website Performance

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Unique audience

Unique Browsers per Month


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Visits per Month to our Gated, Sign-In Required Website


*Source: AAM December 2022

Marketing Services

Marketing that delivers.

Veterinarian-approved content developed by your target, for your target. Our team of experts brings your vision to life and helps you achieve your goals, with real ROI you can show your team.

We take the time to understand how your business qualifies marketing and sales leads and align campaigns to produce MQLs and SQLs based on your business processes. 


A few of our capabilities include:

  • Custom content creation

  • Interactive education journeys

  • Lead generation

  • Virtual events and CE programs

  • Podcasts

  • Creative services

  • Marketing strategy

Account Team

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Christie Bardo


Artboard 1_7team

shelley herod

SVP, Revenue Operations

Artboard 1_10

Rosie Seibert

Managing Director, Marketing Services

Artboard 1_6team

Naomi Murray, DVM

Senior Director, Strategic Sales & Business Development

Artboard 1_4team

Joanna Lundberg

Senior Strategic Account Director

Artboard 1_2team

Amanda Anderson

Strategic Account Manager

Artboard 1_3team

Melissa Roberts

Strategic Account Manager

Artboard 1_8team

megan whitworth-swanson

Director, Client Experience, Marketing Services

Beth Molleson

Beth Molleson, DVM

Veterinary Officer, Marketing Services

Artboard 1_1team

Drue Gindler

Managing Editor, Marketing Services

Artboard 1_12

Sarah Pate

Project Manager, Marketing Services

Artboard 1_13


Project Manager, Marketing Services

Artboard 1_11

taylor Austin

Senior Project Coordinator, Marketing Services

Artboard 1team

drake boone

Sales Project Coordinator

Artboard 1_5team

Jeremy Long

Digital Ad Traffic Manager

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